This much anticipated international event combines everything Melbourne has to offer – food, wine, children’s entertainment and top International horse sport – all hosted in the beautiful grounds of the Boneo Park Equestrian Centre on the Mornington Peninsula.

The largest event of its kind on the summer social calendar, the Boneo Classic brings together corporates, individuals, holidaymakers and the Mornington Peninsula community to witness international equestrian at its finest.


Grand Prix Dressage represents a high level of skill, stamina, precision and exceptional performance from the horse and rider.  The Grand Prix CDI competition sees the best of Australia’s Grand Prix riders travel from across the country to compete in front of FEI accredited international judges.

The Young Rider classes, Small Tour and Young Horse Championships attract a crowd of knowledgeable enthusiasts who will watch these up-and-coming horse and rider combinations who represent the future of their sport.  Riders to watch out for include Brett Parbery, Rozzie Ryan, Sue Hearn and Maree Tomkinson.


The International standard of jumping is very high – as are the jumps themselves with heights up to 1.60m. Technical skill, athleticism, courage and strength are key attributes of the horses and riders who compete at this level.

Spectators will watch some of the best jumping riders in the country compete in this qualifying event.


Featuring our Paralympians from the 2016 Rio Para Olympic Games, as well as London 2012 gold medalist Joann Formosa, and crowd favourite Emma Booth, the Boneo Classic is one of the feature Para Equestrian events in Australia.  The determination of these competitors striving for top performance at this prestigious event is truly inspiring.